After more than decade of heating up dancefloors across the globe, the boys of Jungle by Night have reached manhood. In the process of creating their 6th album, the nine-headed collective melted years of passion, friendship, and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and techno together into analogue dance music, fluently speaking the language of their instruments. The band is an oddball ensemble within its own cosmos. A danceable and thundering live act that connects with crowds like no other, with beaming fun and energy along the way. For more than ten years, Jungle by Night has been heating up dancefloors with their cross-cutting music at over 600 festivals and stages in 34 countries. 

The nine-headed instrumental collective released six albums putting the language of their analog instruments first, making people dance on rhythms and grooves inspired by krautrock, dance, jazz, and funk. With its unique sound, Jungle by Night plays for any crowd: from jazz, to pop and from dance to hip hop.

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De Falom

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