“A coming of age story of a girl raised in a Romanian mob-family....”

Burgeoning Dutch alt-rockers Gunmoll enchant their striking brand of rock with the temptation, danger and magnetism of the most blood-curdling crime novels. The duo of Jolien Grunberg (vocals/guitars) and Bram Bol (guitars/production) paint stories of romance, betrayal, surging adrenaline and anthemic tension, partly anchored in Jolien's Romanian roots.

“The story of a young girl who finds her father's gun... that’s something I have experienced myself” says Jolien. “You can draw from that type of concept as far and as vividly as possible, almost like a cult movie in that sense. I was able to get really creative with those particular storylines.”

Drawing from her own background, the first sketches of Gunmoll's gloomy film noir-tinged rock & roll started to manifest. To summon Gunmoll into existence, Jolien contacted Bram, with whom she had already developed a good connection with a previous project. Their dynamic chemistry bursts at the seams as Bram and Jolien fleshed out their first songs as Gunmoll: a groove-laden catchy rock sound, jam-packed with surprising elements; feral rock & roll riffs, oriental melodies and sweeping surf rock.

Within this adventurous sound palette, Gunmoll exults in larger-than-life character sketchesfrom different phases of life: the girl who stumbles upon her father's gun, the fork-tonguedtemptress acting out her revenge fantasy, the mother who protects her daughter from the harsh outside world. For all intents and purposes, Gunmoll is a sexy, rousing, cold-blooded and mysterious operation, exposing audiences to a brooding, primitive energy; the sheer thrill of a surfer swerving on a wave of untamed currents.

Combine Gunmoll’s vivid tales of danger and deceit with blistering riffs and arrangements, and you get a band with a very particular moxie. “Gunmoll is a combination of that dangerous element and the personal element Jolien brings to the table, which gives off this wild energy.” adds Bram. “We are not a concept band: our music overlaps with who we both are in terms of identity. Honestly we’ve never been this stoked about a project: Gunmoll is something that is very close to ourselves.”

With Pim van Rooij (drums) and Koen van Bemmelen (bass) rounding out Gunmoll’s fiery rhythm section, Gunmoll is ready to burn some serious rubber and hit the road. Jolien: “Gunmoll has to remain rooted in personal experiences. Of course there is some kind of temper in me, there is a rage within me, there is pain within me, there is history within me. From my family, and from all kinds of sources of inspiration. That’s the sum of what this music conveys.”

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