Gangs Of Kin

GANGS OF KIN is the artist project for songwriter/artist Joël Gaerthé, an eclectic, contemporary artist – at once troubadour with a memorable raspy voice and oracle barker with a witty phrase to share. GANGS OF KIN is his own blend indie rock meets surrealist pop. Throughout this project, he explores a plethora of genres and styles – from psych pop to R&B – a hybrid-ethos in pursuit of creative and emotional abandon, and an audience – a gang. “Music is something to be shared. Ego doesn’t belong because higher levels are reached together”, elaborates Joël.

Amsterdam De Falom

Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Haadwei 30, 9109 NS

The Netherlands The Netherlands

Andries van Wieren Steijn Koeijvoets

+31 6 22 11 44 06 +31 6 29 55 13 17