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‘A fascinating debut full of powerful, modern Anatolian folk rock that grabs your soul in all its fearlessness. ‘

– Eric van Domburg Scipio, Heaven – january 2023

‘…comforting, pensive and above all of exceptional beauty. A world album in every sense of the word!’

– Jan Willem Broek Subjectivisten- dec 2022

Meral Polat is a renowned actrice, Singer/Songwriter and Theatremaker in the Netherlands. Graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts, Drama and contemporary Music Theatre. Her field of artistic discipline consists in eminent Theatre, Film and Music productions. Together with Chris Doyle and Frank Rosaly they are Meral Polat Trio. Chris Doyle is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from the United States, a graduate of Berklee School of Music in Boston and McGill University in Montreal.

Frank Rosaly is a Puerto Rican drummer, composer and sound designer. His musical approach stems from an exhaustive study of jazz, classical percussion, improvisation, as well as classical composition and post-classical techniques such as Musique concrete, graphic notation and chance operation.

Meral Polat Trio is a trio that sets out from Meral Polat’s hometown of her Alevi, Kurdish ancestors Dersim and is located across geographies. The trio, which consists of Chris Doyle from the US on guitar and piano, Puerto Rican Frank Rosaly on drums, and Polat on vocals and percussion, currently resides in the Netherlands. Polat is at the center of the band and her vocals are based on poems, some in Turkish and some in Kurdish, written by her father Ali İhsan Polat.

Polat’s father had inspired her with his singing, poetry and his attitude towards life. When he suddenly passed away in 2020 and she found his poems hidden in his drawer, she decided to devote herself to singing.

Choosing Polat’s origins as a starting point, the band performs timeless and spaceless witchcraft beyond the road. Their music is dominated by folk and blues tones that sound as warm as if they came from a desert oasis. There is an attitude that synthesizes emotions with moments and digs into those moments, an attitude that can open the door for us to feel anywhere at any time.

Meral Polat Trio’s new album ‘Ez Kî Me’ is being noticed globally and placed on various charts.

#15 at World Music Charts Europe

#18 at Trans Global World Music Chart

#8 at Balkan World Music Chart

Come to see the band live at Babel Music XP in Marseille, France on March 25, 2023

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