The new album Truth & Soul, was released April 29th and got a great amout of feedback. Several tracks of the album have been added to a.o. New Music Friday NL, Soul ‘n The City and All Funked Up.

Michelle David & The True-tones performed in the Eurovision village during the Eurovision Songcontest 2022 in Turin.

The band was on air for during the daily TV program during the Winter Olympics (from 4 – 7 february 2022). Prime time national TV – app. 2 mln viewers per day.

The band released their much acclaimed Christmas Album – It’s a Soulful Christmas (Dec. 2020) with Airplay on a.o. BBC Radio 6 (UK), Radio 2 (NL), WDR (DE), FIP (FR) and KEXP (USA). 

Spotify put Michelle David & The True-tones on the cover of their “Stay Tuned” playlist.

Victory!, the latest single of The Gospel Sessions Vol. 4 is Top Song at the Dutch radio channel NPO Radio 2.

On March 30 Michelle David & The True-tones got invited by Dutch TV show “De Wereld Draait Door” to play “Respect” by Aretha Franklin on their very last broadcast.

On March 6, Michelle David & The True-tones released their new album “Vol. 4”. The album immediatly got well receveid by both media and public. To promote the album the band played at Dutch TV show “De Wereld Draait Door”, Npo Radio 2 and Npo Radio 5.

Michelle David & The True-tones announced EGO FM. as their German tour sponsor. Dutch music magazine “Oor” and dailypaper “Parool” both praised “Vol.4” in a very positive review.

“Vol. 4” got airplay in several radiostations in France. Amongst other Fip Radio and Jazz Radio.

Michelle David & The True-tones released the first two singles of the upcoming album Vol.4 in december 2019 and january 2020. Both the singles “You Are” and “Yes I Am” received a lot of attention from various radio and television channels in The Netherlands, France and Spain.

Michelle David & The True-tones played more then 40 festivals and headline shows confirmed for 2019 in France, a.o. Bout du Monde (Crozon), Les Escales de St. Nazaire, This is not a love song (Nîmes) and Jazz a Sete.

May 2019, After releasing their album in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, Michelle David & The True Tones also released their album ‘The Gospel Sessions vol. 3’ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

National German TV program Inas Nacht @13 July 2019 – Primetime / 20:15.

Played during the Liberation Day ‘Concert op de Amstel’ 5 May for the King & Queen + live TV (1.5 mln viewers).

Eurosonic AIR stage on 17 January 2019 (2nd consecutive year).

FIP Radio (national French Radio) Album of the Month December.

First headlining clubtour in Germany in March 2019.

Immediately after first show @ BIME Festival Bilbao (25 October 2018) three Spanish festivals we’re confirmed.

FIP Radio (national French Radio) Album of the Month December 2019.

First headlining clubtour in Germany in March 2019 was completely sold out.


Nothing short of a miracle was the past year and a half for Michelle David & The True-tones* (FKA Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions). After releasing their album, ‘The Gospel Sessions Vol. 3’ they were nominated for an Edison Award (The Dutch Grammy), chosen for album of the month by French radio network FIP, made an appearance on prime time German national TV as well as Dutch national TV. Being invited to perform for the King and Queen of the Netherlands for Liberation day was definitely a highlight. All while roaming the continent (even a short and sweet meet with Africa).

Journeys are greatly influential for all of us and this is especially the case with Michelle David & The True-tones; who are on their odyssey reaching many levels. Their musical journey exploring the roots took them to the caribbean: reggae/calypso ‘Oh My My’, Africa ‘R’Fissa’ which was written after their trip to Morocco and ‘Myshel’, ‘You Are’ give you the feel of Nigerian Afro Disco and Afro Beat. This album has also paid tribute to Soul music with sounds of Northern Soul, Boogaloo, Afro Soul with a combination of Chicago and Memphis Soul. Under the impact of these influences they found their true genre – Rhythm and Gospel.

Having all these profound influences and events behind them, this album is the most colourful and diverse piece of work they’ve created so far. While holding fast to their core essence of being authentic and organic it was important for them to further develop their growth. Incorporating more strings, percussion as well as horns and even analog synths has helped to evolve Michelle David & The True-tones as a complete band.

“Feeling good and allowing yourself the freedom to “Let Go” is without question the foundation of each and every song. The evolution of Michelle David & The True-tones is inspiring, exciting and life changing .” – Michelle David.

The band turns every show into a true soul spectacle with their unique interpretation of gospel combined with soul, blues, jazz and afrobeat. While they released their colorful fourth studio album ‘The Gospel Sessions, Volume 4’ in 2020, which received nothing but rave reviews, the band came up with a new record that same December, and not just any record, but a real Christmas album called ‘It’s A Soulful Christmas’. Two years later the band is back with new work in the form of the amazing single ‘Leave It There’ which is the prelude to their new album ‘Truth & Soul’.

*On April 23rd 2021, the band changed their name to ‘Michelle David & The True-tones’. The new name allows them to continue expanding and integrating more musical influences that compliment their style. The band assures fans and those alike that although the name changes, the substance remains the same. This desire is to bring people the true message of music which is LOVE, UNITY and TOGETHERNESS!

Social Media Stats:

Facebook: 4.700

Instagram: 1.800

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 70.500


Click to listen!

Truth & Soul | 2022

It’s a Soulful Christmas | 2020

The Gospel Sessions, Vol. 3 | 2018

The Gospel Sessions, Vol. 4 | 2020

The Gospel Sessions, Vol. 2 | 2016

The Gospel Sessions, Vol. 1 | 2015


‘A record that is full of musicality.’ – AD ( 4 stars ) ‘The Gospel Sessions Vol. 2 is again a beautiful lived through sounding and tasteful produced gospel-soul album, as they are produced too few internationally.’ – Volkskrant

‘Something so scintillating that you have as much pleasure watching the show as the countless smiles in the audience’

– La Grosse Radio

‘Paul and Onno are there relaxed self and duet and duel brilliantly. They have created the perfect platform for Michelle on which they can all build, enrich and compound themselves.’ – OOR

‘Michelle David sings with her heart and soul in every note. With next to Onno Smit and Paul Willemsen also Toon Omen there is more room for more sound, more instruments, but it never gets predictable. Unique and great piece of work.’


‘Michelle David & TheTrue-tones captivate the soul to the beat of a gospel wrapped in soul, blues, jazz, and funk.’

– Bulles de Culture

‘The idea behind the project is just as simple as genius.’ – Maxazine.nl

‘With exactly the right sober but swinging accompaniment of two guitars and drums, David made some kind of music that seemed extinct.’ – Volkskrant

‘Each performance she explores her complete ability again and often does vocals things that she does not remember after.’ – OOR

‘Her voice is astonishing every time’ – La Depeche France


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