sake sake sake


For those of you not yet familiar with the Dutch-New Zealand trio: they play roots and rock driven alternative dance. It’s a sound shaped by blues and slide guitar mixed with psychedelic riffs and rises. A true angelic but raw and heartfelt voice, and pumping and haunting organic beats. MY BABY mixes the rawness of rock and punk, the warm sounds of roots and blues, with a touch of EDM and big beat. All played on guitars and drums. They have been spreading their psychedelic blues-trance rave to the approval of audiences worldwide since 2012, featuring on renowned festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Isle of Wight (UK), Sziget (HU), Fusion (DE), Exit (RS), Lowlands (NL) and Pinkpop (NL). 


  • The first single of the new album ‘it’s a setup’ put the band on the cover of New Alternative Spotify and was well received by fans.

  • a dream i dream, the latest single of MY BABY’s upcoming album was released and hit over 40.000 streams in it’s first week.

• MY BABY had the honor of writing and composing the title song ‘Everything’, for the legendary Dutch crime scene series ‘Baantjer’.

• Their fourth album ‘MOUNAIKI – By The Bright of Night’ was rewarded with a prestigious Edison Award 2019 (Dutch Grammy) for ‘Best Alternative Album’.

• MY BABY was rewarded with the Gouden Notekraker 2019. The Gouden Notekraker is the prize awarded by colleagues in the profession to the artist or band with the most special and influential live performances.

• MY BABY was selected as one of the Ambassadors of Freedom in 2018 by the Dutch Royal Family.

• MY BABY Was the first act to headline both Eurosonic and Noorderslag (2018) They also got Dutch national TV appearance with their show at Noorderslag 2018 and their show at Pinkpop in 2017.

• Airplay on Virgin Radio, Radio X, BBC One, BBC 6 for single “Cosmic Radio” and playlisted on Amazing Radio.

With the band’s 5th album; Sake sake sake, the band started working on the rewriting and reshaping the album to suit their new found direction.

To finish off the album the band teamed up with experts and creatives who fit the band’s vision and could add that extra touch at the same time, such as 22Ghosts, a Dutch producers duo, and 5 times Grammy award winner Steve Dub, best known for his productions for the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and The Prodigy.

‘Sake Sake Sake’ has allowed the three piece to develop yet again a new fresh faced approach to their haunting yet groove inspired psychedelia.The old world aesthetic of folk and blues has made way for a more futuristic and surrealistic point of view and stylistic approach without losing the ever present mixture of mystique and rock n roll infused attitude sparking no guts no glory.

The collection of songs being a summation of personal introspection and an assembly of stories regarding the casual passerby and our collective despair.Ultimately this body of work has become a more personal, tangible and at times more intimate MY BABY affair to be captured on an album.


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Spotify monthly listeners: 151.600

Spotify monthly streams: 366.400

Spotify followers: 43.700


A crisis that has reached far into many aspects of people’s lives and particularly, our emotional state of being. The album’s material was initially spawned before the pandemic hit, with its subject matter predominantly holding a dark and bleak tone in a world where we’re cursed with an inability to change. Many songs focussed on an outlook to a near dystopian hollow future with threats of insurrection and ecological disaster.

To some degree and in somewhat ironic fashion, there is an air of the preordained hanging over the creative direction. In the sense that there is a premise of something that must give. Although in this case the outcome is ultimately unforeseen.

The unexpected and absurd twist of being plunged into a disparaging state of limbo in the midst of a pandemic meant reflecting on the material at hand and how our thoughts and dreams were suddenly reshaped. So rather than become a pre echo of thought of what was to unfold, the crisis meant reassessing and veering into a new and more personal direction.

As a different reality sets in, the boundaries of how and what we (are able to) change, transformed. With suddenly having no control over steering one’s life and career into new directions, or the inability of plunging one’s soul into the next live performance, or just the general incapacity to pursue a multitude of life’s endeavours, you are forced to venture more deeply into you own psyche and personal motivations and how to cope with an entirely new set of frustrations and limitations.

The pandemic and its repercussions offered us time to reflect on the importance of human connection in our daily lives. And it challenged us to re-evaluate that importance It tested our emotional vulnerability in response to times of crisis and how we respond and deal with a crippling uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, change and loss.