After more than decade of heating up dancefloors across the globe, the boys of Jungle by Night have reached manhood. In the process of creating their 6th album, the nine-headed collective melted years of passion, friendship, and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and techno together into analogue dance music, fluently speaking the language of their instruments. The band is an oddball ensemble within its own cosmos. A danceable and thundering live act that connects with crowds like no other, with beaming fun and energy along the way.


Glastonbury, UK

Lowlands, The Netherlands

Pinkpop, The Netherlands

Sziget, Hungary

Wildeburg, The Netherlands

Reeperbahn, Germany

One Love Festival, Istanbul

Womad, UK and Las Palmas

Elb Jazz, Germany

Eurosonic Noorderslag, The Netherlands

North Sea Jazz Festival, The Netherlands

Fuji Rock, Japan


Instagram: 10.700

Spotify Followers: 35.710

Spotify Streams per month: 372.000

Facebook: 23.700



∙ On Friday the 22nd of October, Jungle by Night released their new album ‘Algorhythm’. The album immediately became album of the week at WDR (DE) and appeared in internationally known playlists such as New Music Friday, Prun Radio Nates, Poolside Groove and 3voor12 Nieuwe muziek.

. Algorhythm entered at #2 in the Dutch Vinyl Top 33 and at #35 in the Dutch Album Top 100.

. The track ‘Multi Beam’ was playlisted at biggest national public Radio for popular Music 3FM.

. ‘Cookies’ is the first single from the new album and got airplay on National radiostations 3FM, Radio 2 and Bruzz and was in playlists such as Spotify New Music Friday NL, Apple New Music Daily and Poolside Grooves.

∙ Jungle by Night has been announced as special guest on Down The Rabbit Hole 2021, the band will be will be curators at this years edition of DTRH.

∙ Every single show for Jungle by Night their 2021 Album tour was sold out.

∙ On December 24th 2019 Jungle by Night took part in an international campaign for Deezer.

∙ To show its diversity the band played 4 different styled shows in 4 days in celebration of their ten year anniversary in November 2019.

∙ In the summer of 2019 Jungle by Night played more than 40 festivals. They have played on festivals like; Lowlands, ESNS (NL), Sziget (HU), Womad (UK) (ES), Elb Jazz (GE) and One Love Festival (TU).

∙ In July 2019 Jungle by Night played at North Sea Jazz festival. It was the fourth time the band performed at this festival in Rotterdam.

∙ In April 2019 Jungle by Night released two remixes by legendary DJ’s Ron Trent en Kuniyuk Takahashi on vinyl.

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Algorhythm| 2021

Live Recordings Pt. 1 | 2020

The Traveller | 2016

Livingstone | 2018

The Hunt | 2014

Jungle By Night | 2011

Hidden | 2012


“To top it all off, they turn the toughest audience of the Netherlands into in an outrageous and enthusiastic group of people ready to party. We hope to see Jungle by Night at every festival in the Netherlands.” – 3 voor 12

“Few Dutch bands that play abroad as much as Jungle By Night; The group already visited 24 countries.” – Het Parool

“With Livingstone, Jungle by Night has now developed a sound of its own through the search for new forms, which makes us curious about how they will further develop that sound in the future.” – Written in music

“Jungle by Night already won. Live they are sensational and doing what no other bands do in the Netherlands. Just making room for sounds and harmonies and not only pop and rock.” – Mixed world Music

“You know you’re onto something when Tony Allen starts singing your praises. Dutch nine-piece Jungle By Night has received plenty of plaudits from the Fela Kuti sticksman over the years, and it’s easy to see why. They might be hard to pin-down, but the Amsterdam band is at least consistent: consistently good, that is.” – Juno UK

“Jungle by Night consists of nine young lads from Amsterdam who use their musical upbringing, taste, backgrounds and unstoppable eagerness to produce a unique blend of musical styles. There wasn’t a festival organizer unimpressed by Jungle by Night, so they were basically invited to all! Jungle by Night does not set any musical boundaries, the possibilities are infinite.” – Kulturladen.de

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Steijn Koeijvoets


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