"Thank God It’s Friday" is not just a motto but a way of life for best friends Koen Brouwer and Quinten Huigen. The band symbolizes music, freedom, and above all, their friendship.

The duo describes their chemistry as yin and yang, perfectly balanced. Quinten represents the darker side, delving deep and embracing the more profound layers of life, while Koen brings lightness, always looking forward, and infusing joyful energy into their music.

Whether as a duo, guitar in hand, or with their six-member band on stage, their music is palpable. Having honed their skills over the years, FRIDAY knows precisely how to throw a party on stage.

Koen and Quinten first crossed paths in 2010 during their freshman year at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, instantly forming a brotherly bond.

Their connection was not only musical but also business-savvy. Fearless of taking risks together, they launched their own company in the events sector amid the economic crisis. They spent their days grinding at the office and their evenings electrifying stages at corporate parties at home and abroad. They also composed music for commercials and other artists internationally.

Yet, original music was a missing piece until 2020, when they released their first official single "21," which immediately became a top song on Radio 2. There was no turning back after a successful debut album with over 10 million streams on Spotify; they are now poised with a new musical direction.

The friends believe in shaping their destiny. Starting an events agency in the midst of a crisis or banding together during a pandemic speaks to their philosophy: "Ain't no mountain high enough. Just do it." Thus, FRIDAY was born.

Inspired by The War on Drugs, Harry Styles, Jungle, and early Coldplay records, they took a year off to discover their new sound, which they are eager to share with the world.


- Signed to Universal Music

- LiveNation / Mojo is the agent for the Netherlands

- Ambassadors of the WWF

- Ambassadors of Eden reforestation Program, the band plants a tree for every follower

- All my life, Radio 2 Playlist, Soundtrack of WWF, Topsong Radio 2


TikTok Followers: 22.500

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 100.100

Instagram Followers: 6360


Management: 3S Music Management

Steijn Koeijvoets | steijn@3smusic.com

Amy Heineman | amy@3smusic.com