Ayom are musical seafarers who traverse the Black Atlantic from Brazil to Angola and Cape Verde with a distinctly Mediterranean identity. Their sound is a mix of Brazilian, Tropical, Afrolatin, and Afrolusitan sounds played with irresistible swing, like tropical sun penetrating grey clouds. However, it’s also influenced by the cosmopolitan energies of Lisbon and Barcelona, where the group’s musicians have made their homes.

The project was born when Jabu Morales met Alberto Becucci and Timoteo Grignani in Barcelona. Together, they started to compose new music that fuses Brazilian rhythms with rhythms from all over the world. They recorded the first album during a week in an old Portuguese house in the countryside.

The name, Ayom, refers to the “Lord of Music'' that, in Afro-Brazilian mythology (Candomblè), exists in the tambor and taught humans to play music and sing. Blending century-old traditions with the black and rhythmical language of Lusophone cultures, Ayom provides a hot-stepping and spiritual voyage across the African diaspora. Thus, musicality flourishes nomadic, profound, provocative, and dancing, where tradition and contamination, male and female, poetry and energy, joy and engagement coexist.

AYOM’s power, originality, and poetry emerge from the weaving together of its band members: Jabu Morales, with an incredible voice, great percussionist skills, and deep knowledge of Brazilian rhythms; Alberto Becucci, an Italian accordion player and music arranger with a Mediterranean and poetic touch; Timoteo Grignani, a Greek-Italian percussionist and researcher of Latin American rhythms; Ricardo Quinteira, an Angolan guitarist specialized in African grooves and Flamenco; and Walter Martins, an Angolan musician and DJ. Additionally, Francesco Valente is the bass player, specializing in Brazilian and Afro music.


Ayom played more than 150 concerts in 25 countries including the following important showcases and festivals, A.O:


SENSACIONAL! (Brazil) (invited 2024), Mare de Agosto (Portugal) (invited 2024), Zwarte Cross (The Netherlands) (invited 2024) , Womex (Portugal), Transmusicales ( (France), Eurosonic (The Netherlands), WOMAD (UK), Oslo World Music Festival (Norway), Amsterdam Roots Festival (The Netherlands), Atlantic Music Expo (Cape Verde), Luminato Festival Toronto (Canada), Fusion Festival (Germany), Budapest Ritmo (Hungary), Festival Internacional de Jazz (Spain, Canary Islands), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark).


Jazz café (London, UK), Moods (Zurich, Switzerland), Kultur Arena (Jena, Germany), La Nau (Barcelona, Spain), Rikscenen (Oslo, Norway), Teatro comunale (Modena, Italy), Jena (Germany), La Nau (Spain)


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Oxala: " The arrangement, a cliffside splash of accordion and strings that connects continents, not only makes space to remember and renew her love but also celebrates the home she makes now."

NPR, 2024

An Intoxicating dose of entrancing ritual magic come courtesy of this crew who playfully navigate myriad Afrolusophone tropes on this, their delightful debut...The exotic mixture all adds up, building on the bedrock of Brazilian musical vibrancy and the view is truly charming.


Ayom’s debut is a delight. Isn’t just music, it’s ritual magic. Irresistible swing like tropical sun penetrating grey clouds. The album is an enchanting journey of joy tinged with sweet sorrow.

Songlines, Alex Robinson

Great music with power, maximum swing and good vibration... Sweet melancholy is interspersed with pure pulsating joy.

Sydsvenskan, Alexander Agreel

Among the hottest releases of Brazilian music.

RollingStone Hotlist

The polyrhythmic delights exemplify Ayom’s appeal on an intense debut whose qualities are further revealed with repeated exposure.

Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine, Simon Rowland

It’s a surprise a minute on this album. If this band sounds this good live, they’re going to positively slay in the post-pandemic touring circuit. Their trade winds sound is either the melding of influences or the uncovering of shared ancestors, but there’s more than enough visceral charm here to set aside “name the influence” and just enjoy a big, buoyant melody skipping between languages and over the rhythm.

Afropop Worldwide

Awesome songs and crisp performances. A band we will hear about.


It's never the wrong time for a genre bending slice of Brazilian - Angolan - Cape Verdean swing with accordeon...You ‘ll feel the sun on your face.


Brazilian vocalist Jabu Morales sings cloudless salutations to the Orixas

and the band are spirited.

The Wire

Exceptionally lively, beautiful and contagious music. A very captivating Afro-Brazilian fusion and perfect for dancing.

Mixed World Music

The Album Ayom shows a connection between Africa and Brazil with a Mediterranean touch with a beautiful and refreshing fusion, with great groove and a voice that convinces!


The band Ayom sounds like they’ve been cultivating their Brazil-Cape Verde-Mediterranean mix for years. The variety of rhythms used is overwhelming...Not easy to get right! But they make it work remarkably well, contagiously cheerful, light-footed, and airy. A compact rhythm group, a multifaceted accordion, a radiant lead voice, a balanced production: the feel-good album of the season is ready.

The Association of German Record Critics

A mix of Brazilian, tropical, afrolatin and afrolusitan sounds and rhythms, between Cape Verde and Angola, Cesaria Evora and tropicalistas.


Ayom music is charming... It’s both compelling and easy to assimilate.

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