3S Music Management is an artist management company working with a small number of artists in a variety of genres. Next to management, we also provide our artist with agency services.

Our Artists

Aafke Romeijn

Aafke Romeijn kondigde in februari de komst van haar nieuwe album ‘Godzilla’ aan; een muzikale vertaling van de dichtbundel ‘Leegstand’, verhuld in Nederlandstalige artpop songs die taboes over zware periodes doorbreken, over de troost die hoge gebouwen in dichtbevolkte steden bieden en over Godzilla, het monster uit de bekende Japanse film. De nieuwe plaat volgt na het goed ontvangen album ‘M’ uit 2019. Op 5 maart presenteerde Aafke de eerste single van het album. ‘Zelf’ is een bloed eerlijk en ontwapenend nummer over het onderhouden van een relatie tijdens een depressie, waarin de luisteraar een voorproefje krijgt van een eclectische, nieuwe sound. De eerste single van de plaat ‘Zelf’ werd opgenomen in o.a. New Music Friday NL, New Music Friday BE, Apple New Music Daily NL, 3FM Alternative, en Nieuwe Releases van Top40 NL.

Our Artists

Gangs of Kin

GANGS OF KIN is the artist project for songwriter/artist Joël Gaerthé, an eclectic, contemporary artist – at once troubadour with a memorable raspy voice and oracle barker with a witty phrase to share. GANGS OF KIN is his own blend indie rock meets surrealist pop. Throughout this project, he explores a plethora of genres and styles – from psych pop to R&B – a hybrid-ethos in pursuit of creative and emotional abandon, and an audience – a gang. “Music is something to be shared. Ego doesn’t belong because higher levels are reached together”, elaborates Joël.

Our Artists

Jungle by Night

Jungle by Night are seven Dutch guys who together form a live act to be reckoned with. Their seventh and latest studio album ‘Algorythm’ serves as an homage to all electronic sounds. You might call it Computer Love, if this wasn’t all analogue. This Amsterdam band consists of a lot of synths, drums, bass, guitar and percussion enhanced by a trumpet and trombone. From more brass-heavy earlier albums to a stronger focus on the electronic groove on their latest, they bravely go where no band has gone before and now find themselves in the goldilocks zone between analogue dance music, funk, Krautrock, 70’s funk and 80’s electro. Their radiant and

energetic live shows have become the must-see festival act that

festivalgoers all over Europe include as a staple in their concert

schedule. They know this won’t be a show, it’ll be a downright party.

Our Artists

Meral Polat Trio

Meral Polat Trio is a trio that sets out from Meral Polat’s hometown of her Alevi, Kurdish ancestors Dersim and is located across geographies. The trio, which consists of Chris Doyle from the US on guitar and piano, Puerto Rican Frank Rosaly on drums, and Polat on vocals and percussion, currently resides in the Netherlands. Polat is at the center of the band and her vocals are based on poems, some in Turkish and some in Kurdish, written by her father Ali İhsan Polat.

Polat’s father had inspired her with his singing, poetry and his attitude towards life. When he suddenly passed away in 2020 and she found his poems hidden in his drawer, she decided to devote herself to singing.

Our Artists

Michelle David & The True-Tones

For the past 4 years the band has Cris-crossed the globe. Playing sold out shows at clubs, theatres and festivals from north to south, east to west. Capturing the heart and soul of every person there. The past few years have rendered further personal development and awareness of who Michelle David & The True-tones are. We know them as a band that makes every show a soul spectacle with their unique gospel combined with soul, blues, jazz and afrobeat. Now with a new album coming up; ‘Truth & Soul’ (29-04-2022) they expanded their musical horizon even more. Dreamy Indie soul with a heavy 70’s vibe mixed with Brazilian flavors and African Rhythms.

Our Artists

Mike Rogers

During Dutch most famous underground electro parties called Rauw and Dum Dum early 2000, Roger and Mike met when they both performed there as a DJ. As Mike and Roger were both producers, they needed a singer to develop a signature sound. They found one in Micha, who was on par to become a big voice in the indie world. Their creativity together reached a higher level. Their debut album combines analog with digital. Retro with the modern. As they explore the roots of their inspiration as music fans and combine that with their music writing and production skills they have developed over the years. This approach is not only found in the music but also in the message of the record. Why do people always have to choose between black and white? You don’t have to choose between extremes. You can be modest in your opinions but still Live Out Loud!

Our Artists


MY BABY is a Dutch-New Zealand trio, they play roots driven hypnotic dance. It’s a sound informed by gospel and blues singing and playing fused with ancient folk melodies. Added to that is the rawness of seventies funk, african desert blues, moroccan gnawa, indian raga and a touch of EDM  all played on guitars and drums without using computers or samples. They have been spreading their psychedelic blues-trance rave to the approval of audiences worldwide since 2012, featuring on renowned festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Isle of Wight (UK), Sziget (HU), Fusion (DE), Exit (RS), Lowlands (NL) and Pinkpop (NL).

Our Artists

The Jordan

The Jordan is a well-known female artist from Amsterdam. With the release of her first single ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’ (out 27 May 2022)

she adds a new chapter that comprehensively expands her story.

Total candour and unvarnished truth, vocals purer and more powerful than anything she has recorded before. On her extraordinary, game-changing album you’ll hear Trip-hop and folktronic textures that wrap her voice in magic and mystery, and songwriting that, after years of doubt and repressed feelings, finally pulls back the veil.

Our Artists

The Vices

The Vices present a contrasting mix of Britpop and Surf Rock. Imagine Cage The Elephant and The Strokes having a love-child who happens to possess a live-energy that reminds one of the early Chili Peppers. These are some big names, but above all The Vices always stay true to themselves. With child-like fun and relentless ambition they can easily play tight and explosive or playful and danceable. This all resulted in their first club tour immediately selling out and Nothing But Thieves taking The Vices along as their support act to the big stages of Europe. Big stages, small stages, moshing or dancing, it doesn’t matter: The Vices will blow your socks off with a huge smile!

Our Artists


Originally a drummer and DJ, ZEP plays many other instruments such as bass guitar, keyboards, drums and adds non-conventional attributes like basketballs, garden hoses, and tape also to be played as instruments. On stage, he knows how to work the crowds all by himself.Together with guest-acts and the participation of the audience, ZEP turns his shows into a whole new experience. ZEP is one of the most innovative artists of the moment. With his millions of views on TikTok and Instagram, he has built a large fan base, consisting of more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and 160,000 followers on TikTok. His talent does not go unnoticed, as big names like San Holo, Labrinth, Mr. Carmack, and Yebba follow him actively. Even Fred Durst and Anthony Fontano can’t stop commenting on his videos and think he’s fantastic.


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